Why Pink Slip Is Essential When You Purchase A New Car?

//Why Pink Slip Is Essential When You Purchase A New Car?

Why Pink Slip Is Essential When You Purchase A New Car?

A pink slip is also known as the eSafety report. Pink slip ensures that your vehicle is ready and safe to hit the road. All the light vehicles, new as well as those which exceed five years have to have a pink slip (eSafety) check before their registration in NSW. If your vehicle fails, the eSafety check requires an inspection within 14 days. If the pink slip check is done at the same place, you can avoid additional payment for the second pink slip test. The word pink slip became popular through the movies in the 1950s and the phrase stuck. The pink slip consists of the following details: Name of the legal car owner, Name of the lender, if it has a loan on it, Registered owner of the car, Identification number, Model and year of car’s make, Number of the license plate, Car’s purchase price, Tax-related information along with the weight, and mileage during the sale. Do not mistake the pink slip for your car’s registration as you still need to get your vehicle registered from the local DMC to make it legal on the roads.

A pink slip is not only involved while purchasing the vehicle from the dealer but also from a private party where the pink slip has to be transferred. It is signed by the seller to release their claim on the vehicle. If the sale or purchase of your car involves a private party, transfer the title yourself. Double-check the document before you sign. With the new owner signing the pink slip, the transfer is official.

Having the latest copy of your pink slip avoids some of the problems mentioned below:

  1. It eliminates fraud as you can be sure of the legitimacy of the deal when you buy a car with the pink slip
  2. It is proof that your vehicle is legally safe and ready to get it going on the road
  3. It is an official record

What is the importance of Blue Slip Inspection?

Let’s first see what a blue slip is. Blue slip inspection is a safety inspection report by NSW to confirm that your vehicle has passed all the necessary design, roadworthy, and identity standards to get it registered. Blue slip comes in the picture in case of imported vehicles, vehicles with expired registrations, and interstate transfers. Blue slip inspection is mandatory in the following cases:

  1. Vehicle exceeding five years of usage
  2. Vehicle exceeding 3 months of registration expiry
  3. Vehicles with no number plates
  4. Interstate or overseas purchase of a vehicle
  5. Vehicles wrote off and later approved for re-registration
  6. Vehicles with significant changes like a new engine.
  7. Which requires defect notices cleared

In Need of a Pink Slip or a Blue Slip Inspection in Parramatta?

As the pink slip and blue slip inspection are mandatory according to law, it’s the responsibility of PNC Automotive to assist you with a pink slip or blue slip inspection in Parramatta. PNC Automotive has Authorised Safety Check Inspection Stations, also known as ASCIS, in Parramatta. Few services offered at ASCIS are mentioned here:

  • Safety check for previous pink slip holders
  • Previous white slip holders can get a clearance of defect notice after a vehicle design check with us
  • Safety check to renew a light vehicle registration

Our professional staff will educate you about the safety checks required for any new registrations or renewal or title transfer registrations in Parramatta. Call us on 02 9630 3584 for any queries regarding our services on blue slip inspection or pink slip. Get hassle-free services from qualified employees in PNC Automotive.

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